Here's a fun game I'm going to call The Amy Face Cobra Snake Cinespace First Annual Halloween "is it a costume?" Contest...  (All images via The Cobra Snake, so don't trip!)

Halloween Costume, or what they normally wear to Cinespace?
Costume, duh!
How they dress, obvs...

Halloween Costume, or what they normally wear to Cinespace?
Costume, duh!
How they dress, obvs...

Halloween Costume, or what they normally wear to Cinespace?
Costume, duh!
How they dress, obvs...

Halloween Costume, or what they normally wear to Cinespace?
Costume, duh!
How they dress, obvs...

Halloween Costume, or what they normally wear to cinespace?
Costume, duh!
How they dress, obvs...

Um... I'm not letting you vote on this one. I love this! It would be rad if this was really her everyday make up!

Check out more here.


She don't believe in shooting stars, But she believe in shoes and cars

Since I've been so bah humbug about Halloween, I thought I would change it up and give you a positive Halloween post.  (Maybe I'm just happy it's almost over?)  May I present to you my favorite Halloween costume so far this year...

(Image via The Cobra Snake)

It looks like someone is as obsessed with KanYe as me!  I love KanYe's Murakami album artwork.

That being said, I am sooo looking forward to checking out the Murakami exhibit at the MOCA.

The bright colors and fun attitude of Takashi Murakami's work are a big inspiration to me as a make up artist.

UPDATE:  Second best Halloween costume goes to Annie Hardy.  Annie went as an A&R person:  She dressed as the devil with a ton of laminates around her neck and some tap shoes for her "song and dance"...  Genius!

Also, as an update to a previous post, I found a picture of my new Tiffany Blue nail varnish.

It is called "For Audrey" by China Glaze.

 It's a limited edition, but so far they still have it at 8ty8beauty.com.


P.S.  Are you totally loving the new layout of my blog?  I am!  My friend Eric did it for me.  He pretty much rules.

Green Day

So the other night I helped my friend bar tend (for about 5 minutes because it was really hard!) I only made drinks that matched my nail varnish.

It's Parrot Green by Mattese N.Y.C. I wish I knew more about this line (they carry lip and eye colors as well). The varnish was recommended to me by a client and I searched all over the internet for it! I finally got mine at Perfumania but it looks like they are out of it now. If you live in NYC, or are planning to visit, you can get it at Ricky's.

Check out my new Marc by Marc heels!

Couldn't you just die?!



High Friends In Places

This is what my best friend Annie and I did when we were in NYC together once.

We also did this shoot for Jane Magazine.

Here's a cool out take from the shoot that recently surfaced on the internet.

(Photo by Grant Delin, Hair by Rod Ortega)

Having your best friend as a client totally rules!


Cinema (not so) Secret

Cinema Secrets is one of my favorite make up stores.  It is practically walking distance from my house and has everything you could need along the lines of kit supplies and specialty make up.  They have great hair products too (including the crazy gel that allowed me to do this ad for Guitar Center)...

(shot by Aaron Farley)

That being said, come October, I avoid that place like the plague! It turns into a mad house with all the Halloween shoppers. It never fails, though, that late in October, I book a crazy job that requires a special kind of make up that I just don't have in my kit (because I'm a BEAUTY make up artist, believe it or not!). 

Last October I had to run in there for a variety of blood and Rigid Collodion (to make scars) for this Maxim fashion shoot with UFC fighters.

(shot by Warwick Saint)

And then, there was today...  I set my alarm extra early thinking I would sneak in and sneak out before the Halloween shoppers got there.  Boy was I wrong!

So, here is what I'm proposing... from here on out, I think that every October Cinema Secrets (and it's counter parts, Frends and Naimie's) should have two lines.  One line for regular customers that come there on a weekly basis, and one line for customers that only come there once a year...  Kind of like when you've reached Gold status on American Airlines and get to use the Business Class check in.

I have a similar idea for Starbucks on the weekends, but I won't even go into that right now...

*someone's not in the Halloween spirit...*


I meant to do that!

According to the October issue of American Vogue...

Visible roots are in!

Who knew I was so fashion forward?!

Now if only I could make chipped nail polish happen... hmmm...



Everything's Just Wonderful

The internet is abuzz with the rumor that Teresa Palmer has been cast as Wonder Woman in the new Justice League movie. I hope it's true! I think she would be fantastic! Here's a shoot I did with Teresa Palmer for NYLON magazine (shot by my buddies Jeremy and Claire Weiss).



Tonight, I'm a Rock n' Roll Star...

So, it's that time of year again... Halloween. Last year at this time I did a cute little piece for a cute little TV show called ET on MTV. Unfortunately, that show is not around anymore (which is very sad because it was great!), but fortunately for you we live in the golden age of technology and this little interview about how to do your make up "like a rock star" (and my super short hair) live on for eternity. Enjoy!


Little Girl Blue

Cory Kennedy hosts a party, gets her make up done.


Sweet Charity

Last night I donated my time for the Fredrick's of Hollywood Clothes off Our Back charity auction. Basically some celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Scarlett Johansson, and Beyonce designed corsets and they were auctioned off for charity at a big red carpet event in Hollywood.

Donald Simrock designed the make up look for the models:

Donald is a true artist. I saw this spread he did in Flaunt magazine a few years ago and it blew my mind!

I mean, seriously!

It was a pleasure working with him and watching him do make up. He was also a very sweet guy.

Here's the chaos backstage:

My friend Amber Kerns was doing hair:

Um... get off the phone Amber!

This looks like trouble!

This is the aftermath at my station:

Here's the finished product!

These are the two models I worked on...

Here's everybody with Dita! (She designed one of the corsets)

(can you guess which model went behind our backs and changed her lip color?)


P.S. On my way to the show I stopped off at CVS to pick up my favorite Ardell #116 lashes. Guess what, you guys... there is a special on Ardells at CVS. Buy one get one half off with your CVS card! Please believe I cleared them out of 116's, and if I had a basket I would have bought all their individual lashes too. Maybe I will go back today.


Little China Girl

I am such a sucker for an unexpected nail color. Sometimes on shoots there is a manicurist, but if there isn't, and it is appropriate for the photo or video, I will paint the model/actress/singers nails a fun color! For instance, in these pictures of the beautiful Kat Dennings (shot by Aaron Farley) we had some fun with blue nail varnish! (Sephora brand in Electric Blue)...

All of that being said, I was SO STOKED to discover China Glaze's new color For Audrey. It's a Tiffany Blue, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Of course when I found it on 8ty8beauty.com, I also had to order Turned Up Turquoise 

and Purple Panic. 

They came in the mail today but I had to rush off to work before I could use them. So now that this blog is over, I'm totally painting my nails, GIRL!!!


These are a few of my favorite things...

At the moment anyway...
City Lips!!! (www.citycosmetics.com)

This is a miracle product.  I'm not even exaggerating.  It is a lip plumper that really works and DOES NOT sting!  It actually stimulates your lips to produce more collagen. If you want the deets on exactly how it works, go here.    

I suggest using the clear gloss in the am and pm.  My trick is to exfoliate my lips with my toothbrush when I brush my teeth and then apply it afterwards.  I've never tried the colored versions of the gloss, but they look cute!

Something I'm always digging is Lancôme HYPNÔSE mascara (in black, of course)...

It gives your lashes such a dramatic look.  People ask me all the time if I'm wearing fake lashes, but it is really just the mascara!  A ton of my celebrity clients have fallen in love with it.

For an extra dramatic look, I like to use CILS BOOSTER XL under the mascara...

It works just like anything you paint... if you put a white primer on first, the color comes out much more vibrant!

The latest issue of W magazine:

There is a great piece on Marc Jacobs' art collection with some really stunning pictures of his home. 

Speaking of Marc Jacobs, I'm also loving his new fragrance Daisy:

AND he has a new home fragrance that has kept my house smelling lovely for the past few weeks and it isn't at all overbearing.  Loves it!

I know I'm totally late to the party on this, but... I finally checked out the Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Melrose and it is the greatest place! They have a ton of cute gift items that are totally affordable! Can the man do no wrong?!

Now if only he would make his vans in my size! :(

Speaking of men who can do no wrong...

How about Tom Ford?  He's a genius.  When he teamed up with Estee Lauder for a make up collection, magical things happened.  It was a very limited collection and is now discontinued, but I recently got my hands on a brand new Tom Ford for Estee Lauder eye gloss.  

I haven't tried it just yet because the packaging is so beautiful that I can't bring myself to use it...  I will keep you posted on that.

Other things I'm living for at the moment:

Kanye West's awesomely random blog, and his Terry Richardson press photos...

The new cover of Paper magazine that my good friend Dan Monick shot...

Woo Hoo!  Daft Punk!

The latest photo zine by my good friends Jeremy and Claire Weiss (aka Day 19)

and this girl's nail polish!

Image via The Cobra Snake, obvs...

What do you bet it is Suvi by Zoya?