Just Go Away!

As a make up artist (and avid make up wearer myself), I go through BOAT LOADS of make up remover wipes. There are a few that I love (MAC wipes and Stila Eye Makeup Dissolver are both pretty good) and a few I don't like. I won't name names, but I find that the ones I don't care for tend to sting a bit, and/or don't do a great job of removing eye make up.

But I have now found the wipe to end all wipes! mark. has just released mark. Make It Go Away Makeup Removing Wipes.

Virtually scent free, the wipes are gentle to the skin, yet strong enough to remove stubborn eye make up. They leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean, not oily or sticky. I've found the perfect make up wipe! Now I just need a U Haul truck to back into my driveway and deliver huge cases of them because I'll be using them A LOT!



Love Like A Sunset

Sometime around Mother's Day I got a very sweet package from Benefit Cosmetics. They sent a cute letter about their family beauty secrets and included their favorite products. Most of them were things I love and use regularly, but there were a couple sweet surprises!

Benefit's Erase Paste concealer really blew me away! I can't believe I haven't been using this!
I've never tried anything quite like it before. The consistency is thick and creamy (almost gel-like), but it blends in to the skin effortlessly! The gel-like consistency adds a healthy glow without shimmer. I'm obsessed!

The concealer only comes in three shades, but they seem pretty universal.

I always like concealer to be slightly lighter than the foundation. It's a good way to play with lighting and camouflage imperfections. The orange undertones of #2 really provide an amazing highlight for the eyes!

I am already a big fan of Benefits Dandelion and Georgia face powders...

And now I've discovered a new one called CORALista!

Coral is the perfect shade for Summer! These powders are intended for all over use to brighten up the complexion, but I love to put a concentrated amount on the apples of the cheeks and use them as cheek colors. The shades are beyond gorgeous and they last all day!

Benefit is really on a roll right now! I absolutely could not live without having Benetint, Posietint, and the It Stick in my make up kit! They're even coming out with a new line of amazing fragrances, and I love, love, LOVE all of their packaging and cute make up bags! Yay!

*UPDATE* For 3 days only! Get 20% off all orders at benefitcosmetics.com. Enter MAKEUP20 at checkout. (I guess that means until May 29?)


P.S. I've always wanted a Benefit Bathina shower cap but never managed to get my hands on one! I think they were discontinued. Sad! :(


Mend These Trends

Great news for nail lovers! Back in March I told you about a cool line of matte nail varnish. Well All Lacqured Up has the scoop on the new OPI matte collection!

Due out in July, OPI has mattified some of their most popular shades. I am SO EXCITED for a matte "Lincoln Park After Dark".

Some of you super smart nail girls already know that you can give any nail lacquer a matte finish with the Orly Matte Top Coat.

Either way, it looks like the matte nail trend is about to get really popular!



Build It Up

Building a make up kit can be a pretty daunting (and expensive) task, but it is getting easier and easier. There are some great lines now that are readily available, really cost effective, and REALLY CUTE!

I've told you about mark. before, but let me refresh your memory. Their make up is always reasonably priced, and ALWAYS on trend.

I'm a big fan of the line, especially their cream blush and concealers. They also have a really great palette system that's so helpful to the professional artist, and the price is right to get a wide range of colors for your kits. You can also sign up to be a mark. rep which is a great way for freelancers to make money in their downtime! It's all about the hustle!

Next up is the Jemma Kidd collection at Target.

The line has a wide range of color with everything from lipgloss, to liquid eye liner, and even body make up!

As you can see, the packaging is really cute and I think it's important that the products in your kit look nice!

Lastly, Napoleon Perdis now has a line at Target called NP Set.

Again, the packaging is very streamlined, and he offers a wide range of color and products. I feel like they must be targeting professional make up artists, because they even offer this very versitile 5 color concealer palette.

I'm in to it! I'm also completely jealous that these lines weren't available to me when I was building my kit!



High Friends In Places

I'm dorking it up on youtube again!... I made another video blog.

It's not the most informative video ever, but it will do for now. If you haven't seen some of the beauty video blogs on youtube, I suggest you surf around. Lots of great tutorials and product reviews!


God Bless The Child

Yesterday my three year old niece asked if she could paint my nails. Since I encourage all of her beauty related activities, I agreed to let her and figured I could take it off when I got home. To my surprise, she whipped out one of OPI's Nic Sticks.

Although this pumpable nail pen isn't something I would normally seek out to use on myself, I have to say, she did an amazing job with it. The pen made it easier for her and my nails ended up looking a lot neater than they do when she uses a traditional polish. The color she used ("text me") is fun and it looks like they have a great range of colors.

The pens are made by OPI so you can trust it has great wearability and color payoff. If you are awkward and messy when you paint your nails, or just don't have a lot of time for it, pick up a Nic Stick. I think I'm going to grab one in "baby go bye bye".

For you more advanced nail girls, you might be able to do some fun nail art with the sticks! The new Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens are great too!


P.S. Awesome response to the Dove coupons. I will send those out by the end of the week.


In Like The Rose

So, this is something I never thought I would be blogging about...

I got a package of Dove Visibly Smooth deoderant in the mail the other day. I didn't think much of it, but was packing to leave town and just threw it in my bag.

The deoderant has pro epil complex and claims to keep you "stubble free for longer", it also claims to moisturize and condition the skin under your arms... hmm... sounds too good to be true.

I usually use Kiehl's deoderant. It's pretty expensive, but I'm picky about scents and that one has no fragrance and doesn't leave white marks.

I tried Dove Ultimate in the "Wild Rose" scent and thought it smelled nice and that it wouldn't clash with my perfume or body lotion. It didn't leave white marks on my shirt so I thought even if it doesn't really do the other things it says, I would still use it.

Well, guess what... I don't want to get too personal here, but... it does what it says. I'm super impressed with the state of my underarms right now! Ha!

Dove Ultimate Smooth is launching in stores throughout this month. I have a bunch of $2 off coupons to give my readers, so just send your address to amychance@gmail.com and I will put one in the mail for you. You've got to try it.

They also have a facebook page with cool giveaways, so check that out too.




Hello New World

Great news, my lovely readers! Shu Uemura has launched a new website with all kinds of cool bells and whistles including a feature where you can create custom palettes just for you!

I'm not the typical beauty blogger that justs reposts every press release I get, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shu Uemura.

To celebrate the site launch, they're offering my readers 20% discount on purchase(s) and complimentary standard shipping with any purchase over $50 between TODAY May 4 and May 7, 2009.

Enter promo code: NEWSITEBLOG upon checkout!

This is a great opportunity to get some really nice make up in your kits!


P.S. There is also a way to sign up for their new professional artist discount program on their new site. Enjoy!


And This Is The Money Maker

Do you remember my favorite ever contestant from Project Runway, Mr. Chrisitan Siriano? Of course you do! His dedication to his hairstyle alone made me a fan.


But then, recently... he lost me...

To my shagrin, Victoria's Secret announced they were launching a Christian Siriano line of make up and I was all "Oh HELL to the NO, THAT IS NOT OK. STICK TO CLOTHES YOU LITTLE MUNCHKIN!"

Well, his peeps sent me a package of said make up, and I basically got my snotty little butt handed to me on a silver platter.

Little did I know, our fabulous little Christian was a make up artist before he was a clothing designer, and there is no other way to say this without being cliche... his make up is FIERCE!

The eye colors are beautiful and highly pigmented. The texture is a dream. My fav eye colours are "Oasis" (the beautiful blue you see here), "Sandstorm" (a gorgeous pinkish burgundy), and FAV FAV FAV is Gilded Fierce (a smoky black with beautiful gold shimmer)...

The lip glosses are divine. I've always found VS lipgloss to taste and feel yucky but apparently someone from MAC has come in and revamped the line... These glosses glide on like a dream, don't feel sticky at all, and are taste-free! I've tried a gorgeous coral pink called "Sublime", a shimmery nude called "Embrace", and a hot mama night out on the town burgundy red called "Chic". Love Love!

They also sent me a beautiful Highlighter Bronzer trio called Sunspell Bronze that's nothing short of amazing, but nothing will ever replace my Tom Ford for Estee Lauder brozner (sorry boo!)

They didn't send me the eyeliner or brushes which is like... COME ON! I'm the eyeliner queen!!! I MUST try immediately!!!!

Christian Siriano for Victoria's Secret will be available this fall!


P.S. The packaging is so chic it reminds me of the beautiful make up my Granny always had (and that's the highest compliment I can give!)... The only other make up to make me feel that way lately was Tom Ford's line for Estee Lauder.