More Maxim nakedness for ya...

In the current issue of Maxim I did the make up for actress Natasha Alam shot by Chris Fortuna.  You might remember Natasha as the tranny from Entourage.  Well, she's all woman, and she was super stunning in person.  I think the picture came out beautiful.

Also this is the picture they used from my shoot with Fernanda Romero.

Hellooooo butt crack! :)

Good Girl Gone RAD

Rihanna looked so stunning at the launch of "Fashion Against AIDS".

I looooove her new hair so much, and her make up looks flawless!  She kills me!  I can't wait for this...



Protein is Good For You!

The Sundance Channel has announced a week long series of fashion documentaries and feature films called "Ready To Watch" that will coincide with New York Fashion week. I kicks off on February 4th with MARC JACOBS & LOUIS VUITTON and please believe my DVR is already set to record it!

From the press release:
The centerpiece of the “Ready to Watch” documentary line-up is the U.S. television premiere of Loïc Prigent’s Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton on February 4th at 8:00pm, which journeys inside the professional world of 44-year-old designer Marc Jacobs. The documentary, which marks the first time Jacobs has allowed cameras to capture his creative process, follows him as he and his team travel from New York to Tokyo to Paris, conceptualizing, refining and executing two Spring 2007 ready-to-wear collections, one for Jacobs’ eponymous American label, and the other for the venerable French luxury house Louis Vuitton. Prigent, who previously chronicled the workings of haute couture in the series “Signé Chanel” (also airing in “Ready to Watch”), was granted unprecedented access to Jacobs’ workrooms in New York and Paris. The result is a witty, colorful and occasionally whimsical portrait of a maverick designer, his influences and his creative process

I am so dying for this! Here's a sneak peek.

I'm also really looking forward to seeing Karl Lagerfeld is Never Happy Anyway and Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?...

I might just record everything on Sundance that week!



Beating Heart Baby

My newest buddy Eli has a blog that makes me sooo happy every time I look at it. It makes me feel like my heart is going to beat right out of my chest!  If you want to be happy too, you should check it out.

I made these shoes for Eli and his mommy. I'm glad he's putting them to good use already. :)

I'm also really glad he's learning how to skateboard.



Red Morning Light

When doing make up on men, I tend to subscribe to the theory of "less is more".

Well, they say rules are meant to be broken so, may I present to you the February issue of Paper Magazine.

Photos by Dan Monick, Make up by Meeeeeeeeeee.


Junk for Fashion

The new issue of Italian Vogue has some pretty epic body art.  Photos by Steven Meisel, make up by Ralph Siciliano.

Soooo amazing! See more here, and look for lots of body art on the runways this season.



Merry Happy

The new Lula magazine is almost here, and if I'm to judge a book by it's cover, I would have to say it is going to be totally amazing, as usual...


I love you, love you a little bit...

I'm totally obsessed with Lykke Li right now.  She's from Sweden, and she's totally amazing.  This video is pretty awesome.  It was directed by Mattias Montero whom I recently had the pleasure of working with on a project for WeSC.  Small world.

My favorite song of hers is actually "Everybody But Me", you can stream it on her Myspace.



Hippie Dream

My sweet friend Jessie Cohen sent me this picture from New York...

and this picture is on The Cobra Snake.

I need that in my hands NOW!


I Wanna Look Like A Tiger

I don't want to give too much away, but here is another rad picture from yesterday.  

I hope you're having a great weekend. It's a beautiful day here in Los Angeles.


To Me You Are a Work of Art

I spent the day playing make up with some of my best friends.

Hope your day was as fun as mine was.



Gone Daddy Gone

The last two days I've been working on a really amazing shoot with Claire and Jeremy Weiss (aka Day 19)...

As usual, I can't say much about it until the pictures are released, but is this not the cutest family you've ever seen?

Also my friend Cali was playing the part of a priest.

That was funny.

These pictures are via Cali's blog.


GTFU radio? More like GTFU RADio!

Since we didn't have a video camera at the radio show Monday night, I promised to post pictures... Here they are!

Jeru decided to get the same hair cut as his new baby...

Chrississippi is totally stoked about being from Mississippi!

New art installation at Little Radio.



I'm Just A Jealous Guy

OMG OMG OMG, you guys!  Shots of Cory Kennedy shooting with Terry Richardson taken from Cory's blog. Can't think straight... head spinning....

To say I'm totally dying right now would be a HUGE understatement.

I try not to get jealous of other make up artists, BUT I AM SO JEALOUS OF THIS GUY!



Recycled Air

Looks like that airbrush nail thing might be catching on...

(Image via The Cobra Snake)

I want to get it done to my nails.  If only I could find the time!



You Got Me Begging You For Mercy

A few months ago I told you guys about Duffy. I pretty much listen to her song "Rockferry" on repeat. Well, she just released a new video for her song "Mercy", check it out!


When A Candle Isn't A Candle

My friend Lorraine who is a fashion stylist in London sent me THE MOST AMAZING Christmas present.  It's called a Mandle Candle

She sent it as a joke, but I think it's so cool!  I am mesmerized by the changing colors.  I could watch it all day.  The only thing is... I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW IT LIGHTS UP AND CHANGES COLORS LIKE THAT! (watch the video)...

Annie came over to view the wonder that is the Mandle Candle and she absolutely lost her mind trying to figure out how this magic happens...

Anyone know?



I Will Never Love You More Than My MAC Computer

Check out SoKo!  Her songs are weird and fun and honest and she's soooo adorable!


Credit In The Straight World

Throughout the mid 90's, Courtney Love was a huge inspiration to me.  Her style was so rad, and her music meant so so much to me.  She was girl power, and she was just awesome.

Since then, both of us have done a lot of growing up, but her inspiration stays with me (for better or for worse...), and I still listen to "Live Through This" from time to time...

Well, last night I got a text from my best friend Annie that people were telling her Courtney Love blogged about her! Neither of us believed it, we thought it was just someone messing around with myspace...

Well, the rumors were true! Courtney Love made a pretty long blog on her myspace profile yesterday, and she talked about Annie's band Giant Drag...  

I did a screen cap of the best part for you!

(click to enlarge)

Neither Annie nor I are 100% sure what she's talking about exactly, but when I read that, I got the chills! That is just too awesome!  NOW EVERYBODY GO BUY THE GIANT DRAG RECORD!!!



Crackin' Up

The February issue of Maxim Magazine is full of my work. On page 37 is a shoot I did with Fernanda Romero, who is in the new movie The Eye.

Here's a video from the shoot. I think the make up looks really really pretty, but don't watch it if you are offended by butt crack. There's a lot of b crack in this video, and crack kills, kids...



All The Street's A Stage

I met Roger Gastman through my work with Swindle Magazine, and he recently put out this really cool book:

Street World

I think the product description says it best "this book celebrates the street as a stage for the visual creativity of a generation."

The book features some of my favorite street artistsy, and features some cool photos taken by my good friends Dan Monick, Aaron Farley, and Claire and Jeremy Weiss.

Check it out!  You'll dig.


Radio, Live Transmission

I'm super excited to tell you that tonight I will be a guest on GTFU Radio.  

I will be talking to my friends Jeremy, Aaron, and Annie about my job, my blog, and whatever else...  It's really just an excuse to hang out with my buddies and have a good time.

Listen from 8pm(ish) until 11pm by going to littleradio.com and clicking "tune in"...  It also might be live on stikam, but I don't know how that works.



Hug It Out

I knew Vinny Chase was cool, but I had no idea how cool...  TMZ has video of him showing up to 5th and Sunset studios sporting WeSC, and refusing to talk to the photogs...  Loves it.

Update about my fun weekend coming later with more WeSC love for ya...



Art Star

This weekend I got to spend time with uber talented/uber hot photographer (and weactivist), Alex Prager.  Her work is pretty much mind blowing... check it out at www.alexprager.com.  She's rad.

(Alex Prager shot by Cory Kennedy)


P.S. This blog is so girl powah lately...  I'm kind of in to it.