Credit In The Straight World

Throughout the mid 90's, Courtney Love was a huge inspiration to me.  Her style was so rad, and her music meant so so much to me.  She was girl power, and she was just awesome.

Since then, both of us have done a lot of growing up, but her inspiration stays with me (for better or for worse...), and I still listen to "Live Through This" from time to time...

Well, last night I got a text from my best friend Annie that people were telling her Courtney Love blogged about her! Neither of us believed it, we thought it was just someone messing around with myspace...

Well, the rumors were true! Courtney Love made a pretty long blog on her myspace profile yesterday, and she talked about Annie's band Giant Drag...  

I did a screen cap of the best part for you!

(click to enlarge)

Neither Annie nor I are 100% sure what she's talking about exactly, but when I read that, I got the chills! That is just too awesome!  NOW EVERYBODY GO BUY THE GIANT DRAG RECORD!!!



Anonymous said...

Annie's writing is funny. "turd-esque" - hahaha!

Beatrice Neumann said...

Looks like she failed to mention her current Ebay auctions!