Girls On Film

That last post reminded me of this really amazing video...  It's a tribute to Women in Film.  I think it is so cool to watch the way the make up looks change through the years!


The Golden Age

Sometimes I literally spend hours looking at vintage beauty ads. Here are a few of my favorites.



You Never Left Me No Messages!

Here's one of the Rhapsody ads I did with The Fray right before Chrismtas

and... here's another one...

Not gonna lie... I like that song.


Oh. Em. Gee.

I may have just peed my pants.



I Know She Loves Me, She Loves Everybody

Here's a shoot I did with the band Chester French.

(Photos by Autumn De Wilde)

Apparently those boys like to dabble in the Twitter as well...


P.S.  I added a song of theirs to my player as well as the new Peter Bjorn & John track which basically sounds like Justice and Blur got together and had little Swedish babies... so go listen!!! -------->

Been Caught Stealing

The Steal Our Looks page over at Urban Decay is total eye candy!

I love the pics... They're so much cooler than the standard old-school make up rendering.


Here Comes Everybody

When I arrived home from work yesterday, I found this waiting for me!

This set features:
- 16 brand-new eyeshadows
- 16 brand-new lipglosses
- Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara
- Deluxe Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess
- Deluxe luminizer
- Four powder blushes
- Deluxe eyeshadow
- Eyelining brushes

I am SO stoked on this!  The shadow colors/textures are amazing!  It's a really great value, so I recommend you get it before it's gone!


Update! Bad news, reader Amy V. tried to buy it, but they are "temporarily out of stock"... maybe they'll get more?


Tired Yet

KanYe and Perez  like The Ting Tings video.

I like... 

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in 362 (fuschia!)

and the fact that I just tried to say "appearance" and "experience" at the same time, and created the new word apperience...

I had a long day on a music video yesterday, two jobs today, and a very early call time tomorrow... I'm tired, but I'm not complaining!



They Call Me Quiet Girl

I did the make up on The Ting Tings video for "That's Not My Name" directed by the amazing duo of AlexandLiane... It premiers today on MTV but you can watch it right here!  (Make sure you click on the "settings" button to watch in HIGH quality!)

Katie's look was achieved with Shu Uemura Luxe Lashes

and Shu Uemura Pressed Eye Shadow in Gray 950
and Black 990
Katie's also wearing a custom lip colour I created by mixing a few of my favorite lipsticks with a creamy concealer. Try making your own custom colours. The possibilities are endless!



Swagger Like Us

Brooke Nipar told me about this video...  I had forgotten about it, but I just ran across it again.

Film by Greg Kadel, Make Up by Kabuki (another make up artist to "obsess over")

And speaking of Greg Kadel... I'm pretty obsessed with the shoot he did with M.I.A. (for obvious reasons)...

I purchased the magazine at the airport before my flight to the UK.  It was wrapped in plastic, so I couldn't get a preview, but I knew I had to buy it simply because of the lipstick. Is that weird? :)


Getting Glammed Up And Sitting On The Fence

The Ting Tings video I did for their new single "That's Not My Name" will premier all day tomorrow on MTV

Unfortunatley I will be working some long hours tomorrow and won't get to see it, but if you're around a TV, be sure to tune in! I saw some ads for it over the weekend and I think it looks great!

Hopefully I can set my dvr to record it, or catch it online when I get home!



Got Gloss On My Lips...

Another make up artist to obsess over is Francesca Tolot.

Francesca is the genius behind the make up in the movie Dream Girls. Her fine arts background has earned her an amazing reputation among musicians and actresses alike.

This is some of my favorite work of hers...

(all photos by Ellen Von Unwerth)

Check out her website www.francescatolot.com, and be sure to check her archive section for amazing pictures of Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Christy Turlington, and more!



I Came So Far For Beauty

Dior has been blowing my mind with their amazing make up products lately. Back in November I was lucky enough to get my hands on their Night Diamond Luminizing Powder and I've been obsessing over it ever since.

It adds a gorgeous glow to the face/collar bones/arms/legs.... and the packaging is totally cute!

I've been singing the praises of their Pro Cheek cream blush for awhile now

The colors are rich, and the cream stays in place nicely.

Lately, I've totally gotten in to their Diorshow Blackout Mascara

I love the big chunky brush for creating a dramatic look, and the color is deep black... it doesn't dry out to be an ashy grey!

Now I just got an advance of Dior's new Harmonie De Blush in "Rose Brazilia". Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful I can't even stand it!  It's a combination of peach, pink, and dusty rose with a shimmery gold laced through. I can't find a picture online yet, and the pic I tried to take did not do it justice. When this hits the counter, it is a must have! It's so gorgeous I don't even want to use it!


P.S. I've added some new features to the side bar of my blog. --------->
You can now follow me on Twitter, and I've made a playlist of some of the music I'm listening to which will be changing up from time to time. You can also see what users are following my blog, so be sure and check out their lovely blogs as well. Let's get interactive!


Always Love

Angela Lindvall for the cover of Women's Wear Daily Green Issue.

I'm going through a bunch of images to update my personal website and ran across this shoot I did with supermodel/environmentalist Angela Lindvall.  This is the job that first got me into my research on environmentally responsible beauty products which led me to greenmua.com (thanks to Shannon at The Beauty Closet).  Since then I have had many more requests to use environmentally friendly/cruelty free products.  It's something great to keep in mind, and to keep in your make up kit!


P.S.  Just a heads up... greenmua.com does not list one of my favorite eco friendly lines, Tarte, and Urban Decay now has a line of vegan products!