Tired Yet

KanYe and Perez  like The Ting Tings video.

I like... 

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in 362 (fuschia!)

and the fact that I just tried to say "appearance" and "experience" at the same time, and created the new word apperience...

I had a long day on a music video yesterday, two jobs today, and a very early call time tomorrow... I'm tired, but I'm not complaining!



Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

I was going to write a note mentioning that Perez love the video! I'm a Perez addict lol! Glad China doesn't block his site what would I do!

Amy Chance said...

Yeah, I was excited to see it on Perez, but I was really stoked to see KanYe blog about it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amy!

I'm glad we are cosmetic lovers and can care about life's apperience together.


Amy Chance said...

You're awesome David! :)