How about a shave?

I just got home from seeing Sweeney Todd at The Arclight.

First of all, if you've never seen a movie at The Arclight, I strongly suggest it. It costs a bit more, but it will change your whole movie-going experience. It is so comfortable, you get to pick pre reserved seats (I prefer the back middle section), nobody talks, cell phones don't ring, the screen is huge, the sound is amazing... You will never want to see a movie anywhere else.

They even have art exhibits. Tonight there was an exhibit of Jill Greenberg's work. She's a very talented photographer that I have had the EXTREME honor of working with on this shoot... 

(I only did the beauty make up, the moustache and side burns were left to someone else... haha)

Back to the movie...

The hair, make up (Ve Neill and the rest of the hair and make up team are amazing), and costume design (Colleen Atwood) were OUT OF THIS WORLD. Totally freaking mind blowing.

The movie was visually stunning. The acting was amazing as well. Unfortunately I am getting over a pretty bad cold, so some of the singing hurt my ears, but overall, it was money (and two hours) well spent!



Fashion Plate

A very astute reader alerted me that The Budget Fashionista has also recently discovered grey nail varnish... Great minds think alike?



No Clouds In My Stones

OH EMM GEE! Rihanna's make up on the cover of Allure is BEE YOU TEEE FULL!

Wow wow wow! Gorge!


Oh Scott!

Currently living for:

Really creamy and highly pigmented.  Beautiful on cheeks and lips! Available at The Beauty Closet, of course.



Make It Work

I am so excited to tell you guys that my website (amychance.com) got a face lift! Check it out here.

We still have a few minor tweaks to make, but it is pretty much done and I am SO PROUD of it! Thanks again to my buddy Eric!

Also, I've been getting a lot of emails about the nail varnish I made.

Everybody's wanting some, so here's the deal... If you want a special, hand-mixed bottle of grey nail varnish, paypal $8 and I will send you some. 

I know $8 is kind of expensive, but it includes shipping and it takes time to make. I'm not getting rich off of it or anything, I just want the people who want it to have it. :)



Color Crazed

I've been totally obsessed with the color grey lately, so naturally I wanted to paint my nails that color...  Thus began my mission for the perfect flat grey varnish.  

To my surprise, I couldn't find it anywhere.  Everything was gun metal grey, or had some kind of shimmer/frost.  I couldn't find a creamy grey.  

So...  I made it myself!  And guess what?!  It's the best nail colour I've ever seen! 
Feast your eyes upon the very first Amy Face nail varnish!

I also made a few extra bottles as Christmas gifts for a few of my nail fanatic friends!  Do you love?



Black and White Town

New nail obsession alert! WHITE!

Ashley Tisdale (whom I'm pretty sure sat at the table next to me at brunch this afternoon)

Scarlett Johansson

My friend C.C. from Le Rev

(Image via The Cobrasnake)

C.C.'s friend...

(Image via The Cobrasnake)

A dog owner

(Image via The Cobrasnake)

I'm really looking forward to the launch of Chanel's White Satin!


Punk Rock Classic

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I've been enjoying the Holiday parties about town and have generally been pretty far from a computer...

Now that I'm on my computer surfing the net, I found out that Rolling Stone called my best friend Annie is a "potty mouthed punk rock lolita". Funniest description ever? I think so!

Here's a video we did in London that I had never actually seen until about five minutes ago... enjoy!



"and then I kinda figured he was English..."

Here's a cool video from my Paper Magazine shoot with supermodel (and Karl Lagerfeld muse), Irina Lazareanu. Enjoy!


Do Work, son!

My absolute favorite show on television is actually not The Hills, it's Rob & Big.  The show is so hilarious!  

Even though I get to work with cool clients all the time, I totally totally freaked out when I got the call to shoot with Rob & Big for Complex Magazine.  

The guys were so nice.  I got to go to the house, meet the dog and the mini horse.  It was so much fun.

(photo by Dan Monick)



Young Folks

So I did this amazing huge awesome shoot yesterday that is totes top secret and I can't tell you anything about it at all... except for to check out Day 19's blog post about it.

And also how amazing is their new house and Claire's "baby bump"?


More Like Project WRONGway!

I was a little bit taken aback by the last episode of Proj R Way, and what they consider to be "outdated trends"...  And I'm not the only one!

How can they say Neon is out? When I go out in Hollywood these days, the clothes the kids were wearing practically glow in the dark!

Dance wear is out? The "off duty ballerina look" is everywhere right now. Hello!?... leggings, ballet flats, jazz shoes... all totally in.  My best friend Annie even showed up to my house in TAP SHOES the other night!

Overalls are out?  I guess someone forgot to tell Marc Jacobs!

Baggy sweaters? Are you kidding? I totally heart baggy sweaters!

Now, I agree about shoulder pads being out, and as a broad shouldered (*ahem*) "broad", I pray every night before I go to bed that they stay that way!

Anyway, here is Annie Hardy doing her best "Ballerina on a Cigarette Break" in JANE magazine.



Work Hard, Play Hard

Sorry for my brief absence. I've been a busy little bee. I promise to make it up to you... Let's get down to business...

First of all, how great are my nails right now?

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of the way...

The Grammy announcements were yesterday and I am so happy that two of my favorite clients, Lily Allen

(photo by Patrick Fraser, make up by me!)

and Corinne Bailey Rae

(photo by Patrick Fraser, make up by me!)

were nominated for Grammy Awards!

Along with the Grammy nominations comes all the big parties.

I was so lucky to be invited to the official Grammy nomination party sponsored by People magazine and mark. cosmetics.

Not only does mark. make great make up, they throw an amazing party...

It was hosted by Fergie

With performances by Natasha Bedingfield


and Fall Out Boy

I saw some fun celebs like Emmy Rossum

The Pussycat Dolls

and Lauren Conrad and Lo from my favorite show "The Hills"... (Lauren is "the face" of mark.)

Party-goers got to get their make up done (including Carmit from PCD)

And there was a fun bar filled with mark. "hook ups" (I saw The Pussycat Dolls LOADING up on them!)

The best part of the night was watching Perez Hilton and The Pussycat Dolls dancing around to Fall Out Boy's "This Ain't A Scene, It's an Arms Race"...

Crazy crazy crazy fun night!


P.S. for everybody asking me about Lily Allen's blue nail varnish, it is "myrtille" by Sephora.

The DJ's Girl

NYLON  posted about one of my bestest friends, Sarah Lewitinn (aka DJ Ultragrrrl)

(circa 2004)

she's djing at the J. Crew spin off store called Madewell!  

Soooo cute!

Check out Sarah's awesome book!!!

The Pocket DJ

(check the "thank you's" in the front of the book... you'll find my name after The Killers, but before Brandon Flowers, Joy Division, and Mary-Kate!) ;)

You probably didn't realize I was so cool! :D



Friends Of Mine

YSL Beauty has finally launched their online boutique at yslbeautyus.com!

Since you guys are my friends, through December 7, enter code YSLFRIENDS1 at checkout, and receive 15% off and a sample of Elle, the new fragnrance by YSL.

You're welcome! :)


Hang On To Yourself

Please read this amazing interview with my friend Syd Curry. Syd and I are represented by the same agency, Solo Artists. He is an amazing hairstylist that I have recently had the privilege of working with, and getting to know. This interview addresses his battle with addiction, how he hit rock bottom, and how he's on the come back (with a little help from his BFF, Billy B.). It took a lot of courage for him to do this and I wish him all the best!

Some of Syd's amazing work:


Oh, You Pretty Things!

Dear Santa,
I've been a very very good girl this year, but let's face it...

NOBODY has been this good!

Gucci Westman – Goyard Makeup Case

Lancôme has teamed up with Goyard, the prestige luggage-maker, to create an exquisite, hand-crafted makeup case. The creation of this makeup kit is the result of a collaboration between Goyard and Gucci Westman, celebrity makeup artist and Lancôme’s Artistic Director. The result is a custom train case with multiple removable compartments, a mirror and a white makeup bag in Goyard’s signature canvas print. The chic case is filled with 36 of Gucci’s makeup essentials and is available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman. Suggested Retail Price: $18,000 and a limited number will be available by special order.




Touched By An Angel

Christmas came early at the Chance household today.

My doorbell rang and when I opened the door I was face to face with an angel in the form of a Fed Ex lady. She handed over a heavy box addressed to me from Chanel USA. I immediately slammed the door in her face, ripped the box open, and emptied the contents onto my dining room table...

When I saw the bottle of the not-yet-released limited edition blue satin nail varnish, the angels sang...

I also got some new brushes, eye liner, lip stains, glossimers, and skin care... BEST DAY EVER!


UPDATE (this is for you Alexis, sorry for the poor quality...)

You Love to Show Off

Check out the video for Kid Sister featuring KanYe West "Pro Nails". The nail art is to die for and the finger dancing in the video is HILARIOUS!


Viva Le Rev!

I recently did a shoot with a really cool band called Le Rev.  Check out their interview on Nylon's site.

(photo by Rony Alwin, Hair & Make Up by me!)

Download their record here...  Le Rev - Tales of Running Away - Escape Me

You won't be sorry, it's REALLY good. :)



Star light, Star bright

Now here's a girly gadget I can really get behind!  A good friend of mine gave me a bottle of Lancôme Le Magnetique Bordeaux Esmée, Star Design.

The varnish has metal particles in it and when you apply the second coat, you hold your nail up to the magnet on the bottle and a crazy star burst design appears! So cool! Check it out! Unfortunately I am late to the party on this because it doesn't seem to be available anywhere but ebay!



Lady Stardust

If David Bowie and Pocahontas had a love child, it would be Natasha Kahn of Bat for Lashes. To be honest, I haven't gotten totally into her music, but I love her style and her fun make up ideas!

Click here to check out her video for "What's a Girl To Do".