Make It Work

I am so excited to tell you guys that my website (amychance.com) got a face lift! Check it out here.

We still have a few minor tweaks to make, but it is pretty much done and I am SO PROUD of it! Thanks again to my buddy Eric!

Also, I've been getting a lot of emails about the nail varnish I made.

Everybody's wanting some, so here's the deal... If you want a special, hand-mixed bottle of grey nail varnish, paypal $8 and I will send you some. 

I know $8 is kind of expensive, but it includes shipping and it takes time to make. I'm not getting rich off of it or anything, I just want the people who want it to have it. :)



Anonymous said...

The site looks great, and I'm pretty sure I need that nail polish pronto! $8 is totally NOT a lot!

Amy Chance said...

I just made a new batch!

Beatrice Neumann said...

Hahahaha.... the nail polish is starting to make me laugh now.
or maybe it;s the klonopin, who knows.