When A Candle Isn't A Candle

My friend Lorraine who is a fashion stylist in London sent me THE MOST AMAZING Christmas present.  It's called a Mandle Candle

She sent it as a joke, but I think it's so cool!  I am mesmerized by the changing colors.  I could watch it all day.  The only thing is... I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW IT LIGHTS UP AND CHANGES COLORS LIKE THAT! (watch the video)...

Annie came over to view the wonder that is the Mandle Candle and she absolutely lost her mind trying to figure out how this magic happens...

Anyone know?



Anonymous said...

No idea, but I want one!

Anonymous said...

PS. I just looked at this candle's website. "perfect for conversations" is on the selling tag. That just makes me think '?!?!'. Seriously.

Amy Chance said...

We're talking about it now... :)

Augusto said...

hummm...i can't get it...i think that candle change colours according to the humor.

Recomended for bipolar people.

Damn...that reminds me to that marilyn manson song.

cheers and good luck.


By the way...who are u?

Anonymous said...

"By the way...who are u?"
there are so many answers i could give this augusto person for you amy, but i will limit it to four.
1. google her
2. read the posts and THINK
3. who are U? amy's a make-up artist to the stars,reckinize .
4. i do NOT think "that candle change colours according to the humor" any more than i think that sentence makes any sense.