"Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it" -Mean Girls

This year, I was invited to six Halloween parties, which would not be strange if it weren't for the fact that I'm older than 12. Meanwhile, I was invited to zero New Year's Eve parties last year. People vastly prefer Halloween parties because New Year's Eve involves dressing up like an adult, whereas Halloween involves dressing up like a slut.
 -Joel Stein



audrey_marshall said...

Completely true. This holiday has changed tremendously over the years. I'm going to celebrate by going to a Regina Spektor show.

Love that movie, though.

Amy Chance said...

I love Regina Spektor! The first time I saw Mean Girls I wasn't that into it, but I watched it again recently and have found myself quoting it non stop!

Anonymous said...

dammit, i've been saying this same-ish thing about how girls use halloween to dress as whores with animal tails forever but especially since saturday when the H-paties started (i didn't click on that quote when i read this yesterday so i didn't realize it was an article) and now i bet people (smart people who read articles, or other people who are smart enough to click on things when they read your blog) are going to think i was copying this article! luckily, i don't associate with many article readers but i do know many link clickers. anyway, i realized i wasn't a 'Normal Girl' when the NG's my age started dressing as sluts with ears and tails for Halloween and I dressed as a Dalmation but said I was a white dog with AIDS. sometimes i just want to be normal, i long to be it actually. but its way too cold to be so very naked. thanks to global warming i have a chance to change my ways when i'm 32 and its still 100 degrees at night in late October.
look, i totally just kind of wrote my own blog. maybe i should start one. thats what normal people do nowadays right?
i wish you liked Halloween. i missed you. on an unrelated note, i wanted to remind you that you like a new non-reality tv show called Aliens in America, set your DVR. its on the CW mostly on mondays, though it seems to be on 3 days a week which is good because theres a real lack of tv right now.

Amy Chance said...

You're right! I do like Aliens in America! Thank you for reminding me buddy!