I Wanna Be Your Dog

I know I haven't been here much lately, not only did my laptop crash and burn, I've been really busy doing some amazing work.  I've done cool music videos with The Ting Tings (there's a little MTV article here), and Uffie.  I did some cool shoots with Scott Weiland, worked with an actress from the new movie Twilight, an actress from 90210, and an actress from Heroes.  I did a magazine cover with Victoria's Secret model Angela Lindvall using all eco friendly products (more on that later, but for now visit green make up artist)... Shot a tennis player with Claire and Jeremy, did a cool underwater shoot with Dan Monick, did another Playstation ad, got to work with Jason Nocito, Autumn De Wilde, and did quite a few amazing shoots with Alex Prager...  

I've also continued my never ending search for the perfect pair of false lashes!  I've found gypsy lashes!  Their website is really out dated, but the lashes are amazing and can be found at Cinema Secrets.  I must warn you though, my favorite pair are #96, so I braved the Halloween crowd and purchased the last four pairs they had.

Other than that, life is great!  Here's a shoot I did with Cory Kennedy for Foam magazine (shot by Dan Monick).

And here are some Lee Jeans ads I did with Brooke Nipar.

Also, it's kind of late notice, but my friends at WeSC are having a party today.  It's sure to go off, so if you live in LA you should go!



Glenna Victoria said...


You go girl! I had no idea the other wednesday night lecture that I have been reading your blog which seemed like forever since I first started! WOW. You have my card... :P


Unknown said...

i really like the ardell demi wispies, and demi luvies...i get them at a little beauty store here in miami...are the gyspy's like those? they look similar :)

Anonymous said...

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