Bow in the presence of Greatness!

Oh my God, you guys!  I knew KanYe and I were on the same wave length...  Check out his blog post about Tom Ford sunnies!  It's sooo true!  These are the Tom Ford shades I've been rocking.  

They are the most perfect pair of sunnies ever made.

By now, you should all know how I feel about the Tom Ford for Estee Lauder collection...


And how about this picture of Tom and KanYe together? (at the Murakami exhibit, no less!)

(image via KanYe's blog)

Couldn't you just die?  I'm totally dying!


P.S.  Check out his shout out to The Cobra Snake!  "It's like we're telekineeeesic!"

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Unknown said...

Haha love me some tom ford...i have the whitneys :)