God Bless The Child

Yesterday my three year old niece asked if she could paint my nails. Since I encourage all of her beauty related activities, I agreed to let her and figured I could take it off when I got home. To my surprise, she whipped out one of OPI's Nic Sticks.

Although this pumpable nail pen isn't something I would normally seek out to use on myself, I have to say, she did an amazing job with it. The pen made it easier for her and my nails ended up looking a lot neater than they do when she uses a traditional polish. The color she used ("text me") is fun and it looks like they have a great range of colors.

The pens are made by OPI so you can trust it has great wearability and color payoff. If you are awkward and messy when you paint your nails, or just don't have a lot of time for it, pick up a Nic Stick. I think I'm going to grab one in "baby go bye bye".

For you more advanced nail girls, you might be able to do some fun nail art with the sticks! The new Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens are great too!


P.S. Awesome response to the Dove coupons. I will send those out by the end of the week.


Unknown said...

Ohh... I am going to try these!

I have one of the Hot Topic Nail Colors on today!

MissGlamTan said...

oooh no fair! When i was at school we all use to colour our nails in with felt tips and i always thought 'im going to make a pen with nail varnish in and make millions mwwwahhhhha' (this is an evil laugh btw) but opi beat me to it (mind you i left school 10 years ago and only just remebered my great invention) i wanna try them!! x

Amy Chance said...

Lorraine... I feel like I have corrupted you! MissGlam... I do that all the time! haha. You're funny!

a girl in the life said...

i think someone needs to invent one of those nail color-ers like the evil guy's receptionist has in the 5th element. anyone remember that? it's basically like a little pencil sharpener that you put your finger in and you nail comes out polished in a different color. i would definitely invest in one of those!

but in the mean time, these will do!!

Molly said...

BTW, your 3-year-old niece got the OPI Nic's Stick from Naimie's in case you were wondering!

Janet said...

I actually hate these! I've tried three different colors and I found the consistency too watery to be practical. I've had more luck using Sally Hansen's version. I especially like using them on toes.