Urban Hymns

According to Fashionista, one of my favorite internet phenom's/fashion icons Cory Kennedy 

(photo by The Cobra Snake)

has signed on to be the face of one of my favorite make up lines, Urban Decay.

Do you love?

When her contract ends, I would like to nominate Annie Hardy from Giant Drag. :)

(photo by Alice Hawkins for i-D magazine, hair and make up by me!)

Speaking of fashion, remember my earlier post about working with a super cool designer?  Her name is Katy Rodriguez, and she's having a sample sale on Sunday along with some other cool designers (Jeremy Scott!).  I'll be there, and you should be too!



Anonymous said...

Loooove Annie's makeup in that picture!

Anonymous said...

Realy cool pics there @ uber.com.

YAY! Annie for president!

Anonymous said...

Amy do you know if the sizes are going to be tiny (like size 2 and below) at the sample sale?

Amy Chance said...

Unfortunately, I have no idea. I'm hoping to maybe score a Jeremy Scott bag, check out Katy's dresses, and see Tony Alva dj. :)

Anonymous said...

is that Molly your sister or my mom? i'm so confused!

Amy Chance said...

As far as I know, it's my sister, but it would be HILARIOUS if it was your mom.