Let's get to the Glam!

Billy B is one of my favorite make up artists.  

I am an especially big fan of the work he has done with Pink,

Missy Elliott,

and The Dixie Chicks...

Billy B is the king of the music video, as well...  He has designed the make up on many of my favorite videos.  His detailed eye work is like, beyond beyond...

Earth shattering, no?

Well Billy B has designed the most amazing set of brushes.  They are absolutely worth every penny.  I would not lie to you about this.  I'm super picky about brushes, and this entire set BLOWS MY MIND!

You can buy the set, or buy them as individuals, but there is not one brush from the set that I think... "hmm, yeah, I could do without that one..."  NOT ONE!

Amazing detailed descriptions of each brush can be found here.

You can really tell Billy B put a lot of thought into these brushes!  I really love the short handles. I have always preferred a short handled brush, it gives you so much more control. Brushes 8, 9, and 10 are my favorites. I also love the blush brushes. I think it is really hard to find a great blush brush and Billy B has managed to make 3 of them!

The brushes are available at The Beauty Closet and through billybbeauty.com.

Billy B also has a fun little blog on his myspace. Can you believe that even a big artist like Billy B gets the occasional nightmare client!? Fun stuff!

*(All of the amazing pictures on this entry are via billybbeauty.com)



Anonymous said...

I am so excited to find this!!
thank you so much for the super cool blog!
I am very flattered!!!
Big love to you!

Amy Chance said...

Yay Billy! Welcome to my blog! :)