Don't Call it a Come Back!

I've been on a green nail kick for awhile now (see here, and here). Now Sephora's holiday campaign includes this picture of Lydia Hearst with her nails green...

The color is Zulu by Nars,

and it has caught the attention of beauty bloggers all across the internet.

The funny thing is, this color has been sitting in the Nars "Vintage" Collection (read: bargain bin) for months at half price. How did this come back? I'm not even that impressed with the color, to be honest. I think Zoya Suvi is much prettier!

Apparently Sephora is only selling the color to "Beauty Insiders", and it is totally sold out. It is currently going on eBay for OVER $50!? SRSLY?!  You have GOT to be kidding me! Is this some kind of crazy internet beauty blog nail varnish conspiracy?!

While you're shopping Nars Vintage, check out varnishes in Full Metal Jacket and Midnight Express. Cutie patootie if ya ask me!


P.S. As a green nail varnish side note, check out this pic from The Cobra Snake...


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