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Nars lip lacquer in Chelsea Girls

Such a great nude color that's glossy but no shimmer!

I've been loving long time, but it just won Allure magazine's 2007 Best of Beauty award!

*Nars has a pretty dece make-up artist discount, but if you aren't a make-up artist, Sephora is currently having it's annual "Friends and Family" promotion.  Through Nov. 21st, enter "FF2007" at check out and receive 20% off.  Sephora also has free shipping on orders over $50 when you enter "FIFTY" at check out, so knock yourself out!

I get facials at Dermix Medical Spa in Toluca Lake.  My bff Annie turned me on to them.  They are the best.  I've been sending all of my friends there.  I highly recommend them (if you go, tell them I sent you, they love referrals).   They've been using this lip balm on me at the end of my treatment and my lips feel so amazing afterwards.  On Thursday I had a facial and I bought the cream.  I've been using it ever since and my lips feel moisturized, protected, and plumped (they make no claims that it plumps lips, but I really feel like it does)!  

Grey clothing:

I realized I've been wearing a lot of grey lately, I have no idea why...
I'm totally obsessed with The Eve Jean by WeSc in "Vintage Black" (let's not kid ourselves here, it's grey)

I've also been wearing this totally cute dress from American Apparel (visit at your own risk, some images are kinda NSFW)

It's really cute and comfy. I put a belt around it so I don't look pregnant.  I love American Apparel! Where else can you get such a cute dress for $36?!

Speaking of comfy, you should check out Skater Socks!

I'm really picky about socks.  I like to say I have "toe line issues". If you have the same problem, this needs no explanation.  I'm on my feet all day, and I have to be comfortable!  For awhile I would only wear Gap athletic tube socks.  A friend of mine gave me some skater socks and I love them!  Not only are they MUCH CUTER than Gap socks, they are super, super comfy!

I finally saw it, and I loved it!  It was heart breaking and beautiful.  One of my favorite photographers, Anton Corbijn, directed it so of course every frame of the movie was mind blowing.  If it is playing anywhere near you (I had to make a 15 mile trek to Pasadena), I suggest you see it.

The song "Rockferry" has been rockferry-ing my face for the past three days.  She's been compared to Amy Winehouse, but I think she sounds more like Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star, and how great is her hair?!

Speaking of hair, I've been totally obsessed with Urban Experiment hair products.

Urban Experiment is the new line of hair products from Redken.  The Grit Wax is my favorite.

It gives you a great "second day look" so your hair doesn't look so clean.  Ick.

The Holidays are upon us.  I know this for certain now because Starbucks has broken out the red cups and has brought back the Gingerbread Latte (my favorite!)...  

That being said, it is time for Holiday make up collections!  Surprise, surprise, I am DYING OVER Chanel's Holiday collection.


The Holiday Glossimer Trio would make a great gift!

*hint, hint*

Speaking of Chanel, their Coco Mademoiselle spokes model, Keira Knightly looks beautiful in Lula magazine.

I love the styling and natural look of the hair and make up, AND I WANT THOSE BOOTS!

And then, speaking of actresses looking amazing, check out Jennifer Jason Leigh on the cover of Wonderland Magazine...

How great is that styling/hair/make up?!  She's one of my favorite actresses.  She keeps it real! I love her.



Cher said...

I like her too. Have you seen "The Anniversary party"? One of my fav movies. I am loving your blog girl! you are too cute! I check it all the time now, almost as much as Perez.

Amy Chance said...

I used to love Perez, but I think he's gotten way too mean lately. :(

Cher said...

I agree. What made me mad at him was when he was making fun of Tom Cruise's mother's teeth. He is a freak and all, but dang. That was hizzarsh.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I need those skater socks, stat.

Amy Chance said...

They are totally the best.

Anonymous said...

you simply must visit sockdreams.com. ultimate sock/tights website. they have the cutest stuff, including skater socks in all kinds of colors. i spent $91 on there the other day just on socks and tights.

Amy Chance said...

Annie was showing me that site just the other night! must.exercise.self.control.!!!!