This Summer I want to help other makeup artists and makeup lovers stay creative and feel inspired, so I have launched #makeupsummercamp. Every week I will announce a new challenge, and every week at least one happy camper will win some LEGIT prizes!  I've announced this week's challenge on my facebook page and my Instagram, but I don't want my readers to miss out!

This week your #makeupsummercamp challenge is to create a dramatic eyeliner look, and post a photo on Instagram (or to my facebook wall) with the hashtag #makeupsummercamp.  This week's winner will get a nice little goody bag filled with the products that are essential to me when I'm creating a dramatic eyeliner look!

Keep in mind, you can use a model (friend, mom, dad, boyfriend...), or create the look on yourself. Just be sure to upload your looks by Friday to be considered!

Please don't be shy, I'm not looking for perfection, I'm looking for creativity!