Tribal Beauty

Check out some cool images from a shoot I did for Women's Wear Daily, styled by Leila Baboi.

2010 is definitely shaping up to be an amazing year! Thank you to everyone who has emailed me recently. If I haven't gotten back to you yet, I will soon!

Also, due to all the spam comments on my blog, I am having to add word verification. I've tried to avoid that because they are so annoying, but unfortunately I don't have time to moderate comments myself. :( I hope you will continue to comment even though it takes an extra step!


UPDATE: I tried deleting the spam comments from other posts and accidentally deleted some actual reader comments. Sorry about that!


Imogen said...

These are brilliant. I love your work!
What does the model have on her nails? It looks great :)

Amy Chance said...

It's OPI's Russian Navy MATTE! :)