Ride It On

The other day I had the privilege of previewing the Nars Fall launches and I'm very excited to report back to you!

Along with some beautiful new eyeshadows like Mekong (espresso infused with gold)

and Silk Road (icy pink/rose gold)

they are offering an amazing sheer mulberry lip color called Fast Ride that's simply to die for.

They also have two new foundation formulas (one of which is matte) with a wide range of color choices.

I've always been a big fan of Nars products, but they seem to really be taking it up a notch and I love that they are reaching out and supporting artists.


P.S. They also have a new eyeliner stylo that is a shade of blue I've never seen before. It won't be available until September, but I can't wait to get my hands on that too!


Unknown said...

I try to eliminate my makeup and then I see this... ugh! haha

PS I finally sent out your package today...better late then never!

*Kozziosko* said...

I love that Silk Road eyeshadow & the Mulberry lipstick, hot.

Nalo Jones said...

I love Nars, the pigment is great.