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I'm so flattered! In case you don't know, youtube has a thriving beauty community with lots of interesting tutorials and reviews. My favorite youtuber is Lorraine Stanick. She just did a review of her "Armani haul" (blogger lingo!) and talks about buying the green Armani eyeliner I recommended on Blush.com.

Check out her indepth Armani review, and subscribe to her youtube channel.

Also, microblogging has made me a bit lazy, so if you're on twitter follow me and follow Lorraine! There's lots of cool beauty related twitter accounts!


P.S. I'm having extreme internet fail lately. For some reason I can not comment on youtube videos, and I'm not searchable on Twitter. *sigh*

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Daisy said...

Thanks for the recommendation Amy! Love finding out about new beauty gurus on YouTube!