Have Love, Will Travel

Current issue of i-D magazine features BFF's Gemma Ward and Lily Donaldson as cover girls and the photo is KNOCKING ME OUT!

They look ah-mazing! Shot by Emma Summerton, Hair by Danilo (my favorite), and make up by Mathais van Hoof.

Time to make my monthly trek to the news stand to pick up British Vogue, i-D, and whatever else jumps out at me that I don't have a subscription to!



Anonymous said...

weeeeiiiirddddd, after yesterday i kept thinking "have ghost, will travel" in my head like when a song gets stuck, then i thought i should call my album that. then i thought that wasn't a saying or something. then i saw this. whats that from? why am i asking your blog? it doesn't write back to me...tell me on the phone i guess. love yew

Amy Chance said...

It's from a song! When I talk to you later I will sing it to you.