High Friends In Places

This is what my best friend Annie and I did when we were in NYC together once.

We also did this shoot for Jane Magazine.

Here's a cool out take from the shoot that recently surfaced on the internet.

(Photo by Grant Delin, Hair by Rod Ortega)

Having your best friend as a client totally rules!



Edge said...

Hi Amy! I just found your blog from Annie's Giant Drag site (see, her linkage does you some goodness!!!) and I like seeing the fashion/music biz from your perspective. I have had brief flashes with the biz when I was an on-air DJ for Armed Forces Radio and also in LA, so I am reminded of some of the fun and not-so-fun stuff through reading your posts. Please keep it up!!!

I'm also a photog without any decent gigs in Houston other than weddings and bridal showers, but that's cool. My main gig is writing, and hopefully when I sell a few novels, I'll wiggle my way backstage and run into you at some fashion show and I can say, "I was reading your blog back when you still had your test posts up!"

Amy Chance said...

Cool! Thanks for reading!

audrey_marshall said...

Annie's great. I too found your blog via giantdrag.com. I enjoy reading. Keep it up :]

Amy Chance said...

Glad you guys like it! There will be a lot more Annie to come! haha

Anonymous said...

Shiiiit, I'll be the first to leave the childish comment and say that Annie is hot!

Amy Chance said...

She sure is! :)