One of my favorite websites on the whole entire internet is The Cobra Snake... It's a total guilty pleasure.  I like to check out all the cool parties I missed, try to spot my friends, and see some great (and sometimes not-so-great) fashion/hair/make up. 

Today I was checking it out and there was this picture of a picture of Mark the Cobra Snake in which I did his make up...

Right now you're probably like, "wait, what?  I'm confused!"...  I know! Me too.

You're also probably thinking "you mean to tell me a handsome guy like Mark the Cobra Snake needs make up!?"

This was an ad for one of my favorite clothing lines, WeSC. Not only do they make amazing clothes (I practically live in their jeans and hoodies), they are a really cool company that is super supportive of emerging artists, musicians, photographers, skaters, etc. I've been very lucky to be involved with them and I've done some really fun fashion shows that I need to post pictures of soon!

So at the same time I was surfing Cobey Snake, I received an email from my good buddy Jessie telling me all the new WeSC velour (like Mark is wearing in the ad) is now available in their stores! (coincidence?!)

I'm not entirely sure I could pull off this look (I'm sure you probably could)...  but I'm totally going to get this shirt...  It's SO CUTE!
Another thing that caught my eye whilst browsing The Cobra Snake was this girl...

She's so pretty!  I love her hair and make up and the fact that she seems very serious about that game she's playing!  Is it weird that my first thought upon seeing this picture was "hmmm...  I wonder if she used MAC "mulch" eye shadow..."?

On second thought, don't answer that.  I know I'm totally obsessed!


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