I'm Flipping Out!

You know how I've expressed my love for mark. on this blog.  I really love it, you guys.  

I am in no way paid to talk about any product at all, I'm not part of any blog networks, and I don't even have advertisers on this blog (although I would be open to the right ones). Everything I tell you guys is my honest to God opinion.  

Mark. is super fresh, young, fashion forward, and affordable!  The packaging is totally cutie-pie (and I'm a major sucker for packaging).  When I posted about mark. before, I even got an email from a major "high end" beauty insider telling me she felt the same way!  

Well, I have gotten my hands on the mark. flip for it compact, and I've got your sneak peek at the Spring '08 version!!!!

It has two eye colors, a cheek color, and FOUR lip colors.  TO-DIE-FOR!  

It reminds me of a younger version of one of my all time favorite brands, Stila, but the compacts are only $18.  

They've also recently launched the little block box

with shimmer cubes for eyes

and shimmer bars for cheeks

I love the customizable aspect, and you know I love me some shimmer!  Pretty pretty colors!

Another great thing I've learned about mark. is that they have a really great palette system!  

This is perfect for all of my budding make up artist readers!  The individual palettes range from $4-$8 and then you can fill them with your favorite eye ($4) 

and cheek ($6) shades.  

Which, by the way, I am totes impressed with their colors, pigment, and texture.  They also have lip glosses for the palettes

but I haven't tried them yet. 

I honestly really appreciate what mark is doing.  I would have killed to have this stuff available to me when I was building a kit!  I hope you will take advantage of it.  

Also, I get emails all the time from recent beauty school graduates asking me what they can do for extra money while they build their clientele (without working at a counter).  You can sell mark.!  If this had been available to me when I was starting out, I would have totally been a full blown mark representative, no doubt.  

There are some links on their site, meetmark.com that will tell you how to get started and I would LOVE to hear about your experiences selling the products, if you so choose!



Anonymous said...

I totally have to get some of those flip for it compacts! Such a clever design! And what a perfect little compact to keep in your purse for that emergency "my ex (or future) boyfriend just showed up" or "I'm leaving work and just got a call to meet the girls for drinks!"

Amy Chance said...

They make a cute faux leather case for it too!

Anonymous said...

So can you find the Mark products in store or are they only by Rep or Online??

Amy Chance said...

Currently it is rep and online only.

Beatrice Neumann said...

i used to sleep with the chick's bro who owns mark i had no idea how good that shit is!
he was kinda hot so i always declined the ":you can have whatever you want from mark, i'll just send my sister a list".
3 months after we stopped seeing each other I tried the lip gloss.... needless to say it was great to have sexy lip gloss when you're single again but then i ran out......
do i need to say more?

Beatrice Neumann said...

No Amie, if you start sleeping with Blaine, you'll get it for free!