Everyday Should Be A Holiday!

The Holidays are officially in full swing, and every holiday party dress needs a dramatic piece like a chunky cocktail ring!  NYLON is obsessed, and so am I!  

I've been wearing this cute cocktail ring by mark., (they do more than just great make up!) and I get a ton of compliments on it!  

They've got some other cute rings that I'm totally dying for too....  Check them out!

So cute, so affordable!  Love love love!



Anonymous said...

The blue one reminds me of incredibly fancy candy for some reason. I NEED it! And the all wrapped up one too! Need.

Anonymous said...

i just saw this post and now i'm forced to buy this blue patent leather purse they have. SO CUTE!

Amy Chance said...

I know exactly what bag you are talking about! I want it in black AND blue!

sakura said...

I want it all..grrrrr

Caity Lotz