Sweet Charity

Last night I donated my time for the Fredrick's of Hollywood Clothes off Our Back charity auction. Basically some celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Scarlett Johansson, and Beyonce designed corsets and they were auctioned off for charity at a big red carpet event in Hollywood.

Donald Simrock designed the make up look for the models:

Donald is a true artist. I saw this spread he did in Flaunt magazine a few years ago and it blew my mind!

I mean, seriously!

It was a pleasure working with him and watching him do make up. He was also a very sweet guy.

Here's the chaos backstage:

My friend Amber Kerns was doing hair:

Um... get off the phone Amber!

This looks like trouble!

This is the aftermath at my station:

Here's the finished product!

These are the two models I worked on...

Here's everybody with Dita! (She designed one of the corsets)

(can you guess which model went behind our backs and changed her lip color?)


P.S. On my way to the show I stopped off at CVS to pick up my favorite Ardell #116 lashes. Guess what, you guys... there is a special on Ardells at CVS. Buy one get one half off with your CVS card! Please believe I cleared them out of 116's, and if I had a basket I would have bought all their individual lashes too. Maybe I will go back today.

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