She don't believe in shooting stars, But she believe in shoes and cars

Since I've been so bah humbug about Halloween, I thought I would change it up and give you a positive Halloween post.  (Maybe I'm just happy it's almost over?)  May I present to you my favorite Halloween costume so far this year...

(Image via The Cobra Snake)

It looks like someone is as obsessed with KanYe as me!  I love KanYe's Murakami album artwork.

That being said, I am sooo looking forward to checking out the Murakami exhibit at the MOCA.

The bright colors and fun attitude of Takashi Murakami's work are a big inspiration to me as a make up artist.

UPDATE:  Second best Halloween costume goes to Annie Hardy.  Annie went as an A&R person:  She dressed as the devil with a ton of laminates around her neck and some tap shoes for her "song and dance"...  Genius!

Also, as an update to a previous post, I found a picture of my new Tiffany Blue nail varnish.

It is called "For Audrey" by China Glaze.

 It's a limited edition, but so far they still have it at 8ty8beauty.com.


P.S.  Are you totally loving the new layout of my blog?  I am!  My friend Eric did it for me.  He pretty much rules.


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