Knock Em Out

I really have the coolest job in the world.  I'm super proud to count Lily Allen as a client of mine.  I was a fan of her music long before I ever worked with her.  Not only did I love her record, I loved her style, and I loved her spunk, and I still do!
I could not be more excited to show you the cover of the new issue of TRACE magazine...

Since I've known Lily I've always been amazed at how hard she works, but when I got the call to work with Lily on the video for Common's song "Drivin' Me Wild" and found out she would also be shot for the cover of TRACE at some point during the video shoot, and oh yeah... she would be flying in from Australia the night before the shoot, and be leaving for London the night of the shoot... what? what? what?  Are you serious?  She must be wonder woman!!!

Well... not quite.  When Lily walked in the trailer that morning (hours before the sun was up), the poor girl was so sick!  Remember how I told you she flew in from Australia?  Well, guess what... she flew to Australia from Japan!  That week she had spent over 50 hours on airplanes!  That girl was worn out and very sick.  I get worn out just flying to New York!

I worked on her make up, the fabulous mister Johnny Stuntz did the hair, and Nathalie Saphier did the styling.

As soon as she was ready, Lily was whisked to the roof top of a building in downtown Los Angeles.  The sun was beating down on us and Lily was put into a space suit (!!!) complete with padding and helmet and she did her thing. She even had us busting up laughing at her jokes.  
Throughout the day she became a bit more run down... and speaking of running, she did a lot of that, running through the streets of LA in combat boots and a gas mask. 
At lunch, a doctor made it to the set to see her.  She was diagnosed with sinusitis and strep throat and informed she shouldn't be working at all, or traveling. He gave her a vitamin B shot and then... WE SHOT THE COVER OF TRACE MAGAZINE!!!
Lily was such a trooper.

As soon as the magazine shoot was finished, Lily proceeded to do more takes running down the street and then a quick change of hair and make up and the final performance shots.  Lily then went home to London and took some MUCH MUCH deserved time off!  Good for her! 

Here's the video directed by Chris Robinson.  She did such a great job you would never know how sick she was.

If you want to get Lily's look from the video, use this eyeliner by Chanel:

It has a great felt tip which makes creating a smooth line really easy and it's a true black, it doesn't go gray like a lot of liquid liners.

and Ardelle #116 lashes (they are my favorite strip lashes right now and they sell them at every drug store!):


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Anonymous said...

I like Lily Allen too but for other reasons, like telling the shitfest DJ Jo Whiley she sucked on TV on some show last weekend. It was funny.