Into The Pink

Tonight's holiday gift suggestion is a tool I can't live without, the beautyblender.

This little pink sponge will change the way you do make up. Dampen the sponge to blend your foundation seamlessly. The unique shape allows for easy blending and application under the eyes and in any creases. Also, the sponges are reusable so it's a great way to be environmentally responsible!

I don't know how I ever lived without them!



*Kozziosko* said...

I'm interested in trying these out - I can get my hands on them out here, but curious to know do you ever use a foundation brush and then stifle over? Or do you most often use these alone?

Amy Chance said...

When I use liquid foundation I usually apply with a brush first and then blend it out with the beautyblender, but when I'm using creams, I apply and blend with it. :)