Ready For The Floor

In the past I've given you guys some great advice on building up a make up kit on a budget, but I've never really touched on a men's grooming kit.

As far as products for the face such as skin care, concealers, and powder, it's totally acceptable to use the products you already have for doing make up on women. But since clients do not typically hire separate hair and make up artists for shoots with men, you will need to add some basic hair products to your kit.

Great hair products can get pretty pricey, but Axe has created a line of hair products for men that are high quality, accessible, and affordable!

They've also made it easy for people who aren't experienced with hair product to know which one to use by telling you the look it creates right on the packaging!

All of these products should be readily available at your local drug store, and it is a great and affordable way to be prepared for any hair situation!


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