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I have told you before about Jemma Kidd's JK line for Target, which is a great and affordable way to build a make up kit with quality products. I was recently lucky enough to be introduced to Jemma Kid Make Up School, the higher end Jemma Kidd line sold at Neiman Marcus and Space NK.

I am so privileged that I have access to so many amazing cosmetic lines, but I have to say the products I am using from Jemma Kidd Make Up School feel like they were made with my specific needs, taste, and aesthetic in mind.

The first stand out product is the STAIN, FLUSH & GLOSS LIP & CHEEK DUO.

I am a big fan of using lip and cheek stains to achieve a natural look that still pops on camera. Sometimes I will just dab a bit of lipstick in the center of the lip or on the cheeks with my fingers.

I used this lip stain for a cover shoot on Thursday. I did a dramatic smokey eye with dewey, highlighted natural skin and a stained lip. Everyone complimented me on how great the make up looked, and even straight men were telling me they love the "subtle lip". Now THAT'S a compliment!

I'm also really loving...


Unlike many creme shadows, it lasts without creasing and is highly pigmented for a great color payoff. You can build the color for added drama.


Water and smudge proof (although I don't mind a smudged eye liner!), it applies effortlessly with a silky texture and comes in a great range of colors. I really love the purple one called "Peacock"!


Absolutely amazing shimmery shades to achieve a perfect red carpet look! Very wearable and long lasting, and like a lot of Jemma's products, it has anti aging benefits!

I-RESCUE BIO-COMPLEX COVER from the "pro" line

This is a beautiful, creamy concealer that is also an eye "treatment". The shades brighten the eye area while working to diminish fine lines and puffiness. Available in 3 shades, light, medium, and dark... they are highly blendable and create a beautiful highlight.

Since I'm a big fan of using a concealer pencil as an eye liner to make the eyes look open and bright, I'm really looking forward to trying the I-PERFECTOR PREP & BRIGHTEN DUO

and as a fan of a glossy eyelid I can't wait to try LIP & EYE DEWY GLOSS

I told you these products were made for me!

A lot of the products are infused with jojoba oil, minerals, and/or vitamin E so they pamper your skin, and since Jemma Kidd is a make up educator, all of the products come with a little "make up lesson"!

Sometimes it seems like everything has been done before. That's why I appreciate innovative products that are changing the way we do make up. For me, right now, that includes Benefit, Beautyblender, Tarte, and now I'm adding Jemma Kidd to that list.

Check out the Jemma Kidd website for some really great "backstage tips", and register for their email newletter to hear about all of their great products and be sure to let me know what you think!



*Kozziosko* said...

I just about died when I saw I can actually get her products in a store literally 10mins from my house, I'm shocked! WINNER! Thanks x

jewelboxdreams said...

I love this line too. In the summer I like the Lash Tint because it stays on even in the pool.

And Happy Birthday!!