Working Day and Night

When I first heard about the beautyblender I didn't give it too much thought. With so many products on the market, I really thought it was just another gimmick. Little by little I started to notice that quite a few make up artists, whose work I admire, were using this sponge. I tried it once and was totally hooked!

The beautyblender was created by professional make up artists. The shape of the sponge is amazing for all kinds of make up application, and helps you get in to little creases and corners you can't reach with a traditional sponge or brush. It's latex free, and has a unique velvety texture. The sponges are reusable (which is better for the earth) and come with the blendercleanser which is also a terriffic brush cleaner.

The sponge works best when damp, so cleaning the sponges on set doesn't pose any kind of major setback. I once had an actress tell me "I can always tell a make up artist knows what they're doing when they use those sponges." It's really worth the investment!


P.S. Here's a video that will give you a better idea of how to use and clean your beautyblender.

Let me know if you try it! I'd love to know what you think! :)


Adriana said...

Are you able to buy these from a store, or do you have to order online?


Amy Chance said...

I know in LA beautyblender is available at some beauty supplies and sephora, but online is always an option!

Adriana said...

okay i think i'll go to sephora and pick one up :) they look really nice. thanks a lot! btw i really love reading your blog :D

LisaLoe said...

hi, Amy, I'm new makeup artist. I've been quite interested in this product for a while. Do you think it's economical than normal sponges or should I just get it because it works better? thanks

Amy Chance said...

I can't say if it's more economical because that would just depend on how often you use sponges. Before I got my beautyblenders, I wasn't using sponges at all, only brushes.

LisaLoe said...

thanks for your reply. I'll probably get them, I use sponges not to appy but to blend products.