Love Like A Sunset

Sometime around Mother's Day I got a very sweet package from Benefit Cosmetics. They sent a cute letter about their family beauty secrets and included their favorite products. Most of them were things I love and use regularly, but there were a couple sweet surprises!

Benefit's Erase Paste concealer really blew me away! I can't believe I haven't been using this!
I've never tried anything quite like it before. The consistency is thick and creamy (almost gel-like), but it blends in to the skin effortlessly! The gel-like consistency adds a healthy glow without shimmer. I'm obsessed!

The concealer only comes in three shades, but they seem pretty universal.

I always like concealer to be slightly lighter than the foundation. It's a good way to play with lighting and camouflage imperfections. The orange undertones of #2 really provide an amazing highlight for the eyes!

I am already a big fan of Benefits Dandelion and Georgia face powders...

And now I've discovered a new one called CORALista!

Coral is the perfect shade for Summer! These powders are intended for all over use to brighten up the complexion, but I love to put a concentrated amount on the apples of the cheeks and use them as cheek colors. The shades are beyond gorgeous and they last all day!

Benefit is really on a roll right now! I absolutely could not live without having Benetint, Posietint, and the It Stick in my make up kit! They're even coming out with a new line of amazing fragrances, and I love, love, LOVE all of their packaging and cute make up bags! Yay!

*UPDATE* For 3 days only! Get 20% off all orders at benefitcosmetics.com. Enter MAKEUP20 at checkout. (I guess that means until May 29?)


P.S. I've always wanted a Benefit Bathina shower cap but never managed to get my hands on one! I think they were discontinued. Sad! :(


sarbar said...

i am freaking out for "Hello Flawless!" maybe the best powder I've ever used?

Daisy said...
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Daisy said...

I need a new concealer- will have to try the erase paste! I love Maybe Baby perfume- excited to see their new fragrances!

And I tried some of the 'Hello Flawless' powder and it seemed amazing. I'm thinking a big splash out at Benefit soon!

Oh and they should so bring back the original 'Luscious Lana' and 'Glamourous Gabbi' make-up bags.

Amy Chance said...

I know, I have those bags! They're like collectors items! They have new ones that are the same shape, just different colors/girls on them. If you're going to splurge, I just updated this post with a 20% discount code for the next three days! Enjoy! :)

Daisy said...

Oh amazing! I'm definately going to get purchasing! Thanks for putting the discount up :)

Yeah I've got the new Gabbi bag. So prefer the classic ones though!

Hannah said...

I have the Benefit Bathina shower cap, if you'd like to do a swap? :)

Angela Pluck said...

Hi Amy, I love your blog and your makeup work. Thanks for the review of the concealer. I really want to try it out now since I have horrible bags under my eyes that I can't ever conceal :(. I've tried so many concealers and none of them ever work :'(. Anyways, Thanks hun.