Build It Up

Building a make up kit can be a pretty daunting (and expensive) task, but it is getting easier and easier. There are some great lines now that are readily available, really cost effective, and REALLY CUTE!

I've told you about mark. before, but let me refresh your memory. Their make up is always reasonably priced, and ALWAYS on trend.

I'm a big fan of the line, especially their cream blush and concealers. They also have a really great palette system that's so helpful to the professional artist, and the price is right to get a wide range of colors for your kits. You can also sign up to be a mark. rep which is a great way for freelancers to make money in their downtime! It's all about the hustle!

Next up is the Jemma Kidd collection at Target.

The line has a wide range of color with everything from lipgloss, to liquid eye liner, and even body make up!

As you can see, the packaging is really cute and I think it's important that the products in your kit look nice!

Lastly, Napoleon Perdis now has a line at Target called NP Set.

Again, the packaging is very streamlined, and he offers a wide range of color and products. I feel like they must be targeting professional make up artists, because they even offer this very versitile 5 color concealer palette.

I'm in to it! I'm also completely jealous that these lines weren't available to me when I was building my kit!



Anonymous said...

Amy, this is JoDee, Emily's friend. You might remember me from when you lived in Texas and I was always lurking around your house with Emily.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I am OBSESSED with your blog and I'm telling all my friends and co-workers about it. It's really well put together and you're so on top of it.

KICK ASS. Prepare thyself for many many comments coming from me. And, thanks for the advice on the Chanel Sublimage. I tend to get overwhelmed at department stores by the selection, which is why I've been a keihls user for 17 years.

Anyway, keep up the great work and thanks for your advice.

Molly said...

I really wanna try that Napolean Perdis line! I just saw a commercial for it tonight and wanted every lip color they showed!

ASourSkittle said...

ok you just made me go on mark's website for the very first time... never even thought of buying makeup from them before i read your blog...thanks!

Amy V said...

amy, your awesome. thanks for the great email. i'll look into those products :) i've never tried mark, are the shadows any good?