Day N Night

Just a few things I'm obsessing over right now...

Scarlett Johansson on the cover of French Vogue

How freaking amazing does she look? As far as I'm concerned, she just regained HBIC status!

This is an amazing product! One of those things I wish I had thought of! Put it over a cream lip colour and take down the shine! I've been using it a lot over the past few days and I LOVE it!

I haven't used it long enough to experience the firming benefits, but the silky formula leaves skin hydrated with a very light, amazing scent. I tested it on my arm the other night and couldn't stop sniffing my skin! My fiance thought I was losing my mind. I kept saying "smell my arm!". Ok, crazy.

M.A.C. Peppermint Patti Nail Varnish

and Saint Germain lipstick from the new Sugarsweet collection

(Image via Glam.com)

The nail varnish looks like it's straight off the Chanel runway, and the lipstick is very similar to Melrose Mood from the Heatherette collection (which was totally limited, and is TOTALLY gone!)

My new preppy nails by Kimmie Kyees

Argyle and Houndstooth! Another Minx + Cal Gel combo!



Melissa said...

OMG! We both follow Rainn Wilson on twitter! I found this out because he just mentioned in a post.

Amy Chance said...

ha! random!

Amy V said...

oh my that matte lip stuff sounds sooo cool! i need to get that for my kit!!

Amy Chance said...

It's amazing! Makes me mad I didn't think of it myself!!!