Swagger Like Us

Brooke Nipar told me about this video...  I had forgotten about it, but I just ran across it again.

Film by Greg Kadel, Make Up by Kabuki (another make up artist to "obsess over")

And speaking of Greg Kadel... I'm pretty obsessed with the shoot he did with M.I.A. (for obvious reasons)...

I purchased the magazine at the airport before my flight to the UK.  It was wrapped in plastic, so I couldn't get a preview, but I knew I had to buy it simply because of the lipstick. Is that weird? :)



Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

OMG that video is freakin' amazing!

Amy Chance said...

I've tried to imagine the work that went in to it, and how Kabuki planned out the progression of the make up... the mind boggles!