Space Oddity

This season I have a cool story in an amazing UK magazine called Androgyny

It was shot by Patrick Fraser and styled by Rebecca Leach.. check it out!

I don't think the magazine is available in the US, but pick one up if you live in the UK, or check it out at www.androgynymag.co.uk.


P.S. Here's a shot I love that didn't make the magazine...


aMy oF gRaFFiTi sTudiO.cO.uK said...

Oooh, I love those shots. I love Androgyny magazine, and I'm fortunate that we have a magazine store here in Manchester that sell all the cool unknown British magazines and lots of International magazines.
I have to say though, all of your work is amazing.

And that shot that didn't make the mag is beautiful!!

Amy x

Alex said...

Wow, beautiful story Amy. I will definitely look out for the magazine next time im at Borders :)


Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Wow great editorial...congrats! What an amazing location!

Siân Lidgate said...
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Siân Lidgate said...

These shots are amazing... so beautiful. And what a location! Brilliant :)

Unknown said...