Love Is Colder Than Death

I did the make up for these Gnarls Barkley shots that are in the current issue of YRB magazine.

(shot by the always amazing Claire and Jeremy Weiss)

Despite my terrible scans, I think they came out great in the mag! Doesn't Cee Lo look so sad?!  Awwww!

I'm also still really loving this Missbehave story I did.  Be sure and pick up the magazine if you see it!



Anonymous said...

So that was YOU! I found these pics on the Web about a month ago in HUGE resolution, I forget where I found them, but I love these pics! And I see a couple on your blog that weren't there! I posted the pics on Gnarls Barkley's messageboard.

Anne said...

Came across your blog by accident. This looks like a very fun session to do.

Anonymous said...

we need a new post!