Cool As Kim Deal

It's good to know that I'm not the only one obsessing over this...

Here's another Gnarls Barkley photo I did with Claire and Jeremy

And here's one I did with a photographer I don't know (sorry, we did six photo shoots that day!)

There were also some pictures of them in last weeks Entertainment Weekly, but I can't find them online, and I don't feel like scanning them...

I've got some really cool ones coming out soon that I can't wait to show you!

I also just ran across this blog entry about the Louboutin manicure!

Woah! I would never wear my nails long enough to do this, but it's a fun idea!

There's actually a cool story behind why the souls of all Louboutin shoes are red...

"Louboutin shoes also have a trademark red leather sole, making them more recognizable. He got the idea from one of his employees. During a runway show Louboutin felt the shoe was missing something and saw that one of his employees had red Chanel nail polish on, and instantly, he felt that it would complete the shoe if he painted it on the sole of his shoe. Since then it became the signature of his shoes."


Finally, check out Cory Kennedy in Women's Wear Daily...


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Beatrice Neumann said...

I can't believe that Cee-Lo shot in that dress after ours.
What the heck?