Street Art Meets Beauty

I just found out about a collaboration I can really get behind!  MAC cosmetics has teamed up with famed French graffiti artist Fafi on a CUTE new collection! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS!!! (It's the best news I've heard all year... *rimshot*)

You may already know Fafi animated Lily Allen for the Mark Ronson video "Oh My God"... (and I looove the lashes!)



Anonymous said...

I've seen that video with Lily Allen. She was on this end of the year quiz thing the other day and quiet funny, she does not approve of Victoria Beckham....it appears.

Amy Chance said...

She's a spit fire... that's why we love her! ;)

Anonymous said...

She looked pretty too!

I think this is a link to the show although can't view it myself because youtube is banned at work, unfortunately...