Product Junkies Unite!

Yesterday I ended up on a shoot with a very talented make up artist/friend of mine, Spencer Barnes.

We were both doing clients for the same shoot and got to spend a little time together. Whenever I get together with Spencer, the main thing we do is dig through each other's kits and talk product! (He is the one that turned me on to the Scott Barnes chic palettes... and no, he and Scott aren't related!)... He was looking at my concealers and asking how I like the Cle De Peau, and I was showing him my Kanebo pens and right as the words were about to roll off my tongue, he said "you know who makes a great waterproof concealer? Lancôme..."

I was like, "Oh my God! I was just about to say the same thing!"... and then one of us was whisked off to set and we never got to finish the convo...

Anyway, I am totally loving the Lancôme Effacernes

They call it an "undereye" concealer, but it can really be used anywhere. Unfortunately, I only have one color right now, but I plan on getting more for my kit!


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