The Hills are Alive!

Did you watch The Hills last night?  I never miss it!  I don't really care about all the controversy about it being fake, it's sooo entertaining!

Um, did I ever tell you about the time I was on The Hills?  I totally was!

I was working on a fashion show for Teen Vogue and DKNY with one of the best make up artists on the planet, Paul Starr.  

At the time, The Hills had not yet aired, and I had never seen Laguna Beach...  I didn't know who LC was or anything...  I got to the show just like any other day during LA Fashion Week, but for some reason there were cameras EVERYWHERE.  

I had no idea what was going on, but I just got to work and did my thing...  

So, after doing about three or four models each, the team and I think we are all done... Then suddenly, word comes down that a model didn't show up and Whitney (how much do you love her?) will be taking her place!!!

So, of course chaos breaks out when we hear we have to have Whitney ready to walk as soon as poss. We spring into action!

Ha ha! Don't I look THRILLED? (Ok so, in my defense, I had just been hit in the back of the head with a camera, and I had food in my mouth!)

My job was to get this VERY DARK nail varnish off of her nails...

While the fabulous Mr. Starr did her face...

Here's an amazing shot of the back of my head!

She was done in time to walk in the show, and she looked beautiful!

Another happy ending!  Holla!


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