Cinema (not so) Secret

Cinema Secrets is one of my favorite make up stores.  It is practically walking distance from my house and has everything you could need along the lines of kit supplies and specialty make up.  They have great hair products too (including the crazy gel that allowed me to do this ad for Guitar Center)...

(shot by Aaron Farley)

That being said, come October, I avoid that place like the plague! It turns into a mad house with all the Halloween shoppers. It never fails, though, that late in October, I book a crazy job that requires a special kind of make up that I just don't have in my kit (because I'm a BEAUTY make up artist, believe it or not!). 

Last October I had to run in there for a variety of blood and Rigid Collodion (to make scars) for this Maxim fashion shoot with UFC fighters.

(shot by Warwick Saint)

And then, there was today...  I set my alarm extra early thinking I would sneak in and sneak out before the Halloween shoppers got there.  Boy was I wrong!

So, here is what I'm proposing... from here on out, I think that every October Cinema Secrets (and it's counter parts, Frends and Naimie's) should have two lines.  One line for regular customers that come there on a weekly basis, and one line for customers that only come there once a year...  Kind of like when you've reached Gold status on American Airlines and get to use the Business Class check in.

I have a similar idea for Starbucks on the weekends, but I won't even go into that right now...

*someone's not in the Halloween spirit...*


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